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Integrated AxxonSoft and Axis solution saves your time and money with on-board camera analytics


Joint video surveillance solution based on Axis network cameras and the Axxon VMS can cut server expenses for video analytics, while reducing the volume of stored video data and network bandwidth requirements by 50%.

The solution uses the Axis Camera Application Platform (ACAP) and Zipstream technology.

Reduce the server CPU footprint with ACAP and AxxonSoft Onboard Tracker

The Axxon VMS includes a variety of video analytics tools:

All these tools use metadata, which is a formalized description of the scene (the position of objects in the frame, the trajectory of movement, size, color and type of objects, and so on). In order to extract the metadata, the server must decode the video from the IP camera and then analyze it, which requires significant computing resources. This is why using video analytics increases the hardware requirements for servers and the overall cost of the video surveillance system.

AxxonSoft and Axis on-board camera analytics - metadata extracting and analysis

ACAP is an open platform that allows third-party developers to create embedded applications for Axis network cameras. AxxonSoft Onboard Tracker is an application that generates metadata on Axis cameras and feeds it to the Axxon VMS server for video analytics. Moving the computing resources to the camera lowers the requirements for the server and the cost of the video surveillance system. In addition, AxxonSoft Onboard Tracker works with the raw uncompressed video stream, which allows for better detection quality.

AxxonSoft and Axis on-board camera analytics - metadata extracting and analysis

ACAP is supported by a wide range of Axis cameras:

  • affordable entry-level cameras

  • professional CCTV cameras, including outdoor cameras

  • PTZ cameras

  • thermal cameras

Cut storage and bandwidth consumption with Zipstream

Axxon VMS supports the Zipstream technology developed by Axis and optimized for video security. Zipstream is a highly efficient implementation of the H.264 video compression standard. For most typical 24-hour surveillance scenarios, this technology reduces requirements for bandwidth and data storage by 50% or more on average.

The Axis Zipstream technology uses a full set of dynamic functions that analyze and optimize the video stream from a network camera in real time. The areas of the image that contain important details (faces, tattoos, license plates, and so on) are stored in full quality with high resolution. Insignificant areas, like white walls, lawns, and vegetation, are filtered out to optimize usage of bandwidth and data storage resources.

Users of video monitoring systems based on the Axxon VMS and Axis network cameras can take advantage of all the benefits of this technology at no extra cost.


The AxxonSoft and Axis joint solution reduces the cost of server equipment and data storage systems, and lowers the complexity of the video surveillance system and the total cost of ownership. The result is particularly noticeable in large-scale systems with active use of analytics.