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AxxonSoft at Intersec Middle East


The 2008 instance of Intersec Middle East, the region's largest security and safety trade show, had presented over 2,000 vendor brands from 53 countries. The event took place at the Dubai International Conversion and Exhibition Centre on January 13th ....15th, 2008. Booths were sorted by country of company origin - 13 pavilions presented products from Germany, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Austria, the UK, Scandinavian countries, the USA, Pakistan, Spain, Korea, Italy and Canada.

It was the 10th annual exhibition in a row for the leading Middle East security industry trade forum. Products and services presented were categorized into four large sections: "Commercial Security", "Fire and Rescue - Middle East", "Homeland Security and Policing - Middle East" and "Safety and Healthcare - Middle East".

Exhibitors at Intersec Middle East were showcasing products targeted for ME market providing comprehensive product information for governments, civil defense forces, construction industry, industrial development, commercial businesses, ports, airports and security professionals. Outdoor product demonstrations being a traditional component of Intersec Middle East exhibition were appreciated by both participants and visitors. Dubai Police and the Dubai Civil Defence took part in demonstrations, too, featuring state-of-the-art rescue techniques, firefighting equipment and vehicles. Over 20,000 visitors visited the Intersec Middle East exhibition during its 3-day operation.

For AxxonSoft, it was very important to take part in the leading Middle Eastern security industry forum - this is rather an opening act to enter local market. Over 150 guests had visited company booth to get in touch with Axxon products. The subject of top interest was Axxon Enterprise integrated security system. Many potential clients and partners appreciated the product, among them were representatives of major local installers and system integrators as well as Home Office and Ministry of Justice of UAE. Among the booth visitors, there were people from the most of Mid-Eastern countries - UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Syria, Kuwait, and from other regions - Egypt, Nigeria, Morocco, Austria, Canada and some others.

The recent explosive growth of construction industry in Dubai motivated a lot of installer companies to explore integrative capabilities of Axxon software soltions - mostly with building automation and security systems such as fire/intrusion alarm, access control, utility applications for building automation.

Another point of expressed interest was Axxon's wide offering for oil and gas sector. Software based solutions including distributed security systems for pipeline protection and control gained a lot of attention due to their large installation base in oil industry that proves highest reliability of Axxon products.

Many potential partners showed their interest in productive collaboration with AxxonSoft. The company board feels excited to put all the planned projects into real life to establish effective business operations in Middle Eastern region.