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AxxonSoft Integrates HALO Vape Detector


Axxon One VMS is now integrated with HALO Smart Sensor, enabling a range of applications. Different verticals, such as education or manufacturing, may benefit from the joint solution.

The HALO Smart Sensor detects vaping, measures the amount of harmful chemicals (such as THS oils) in the air, and detects vape masking behavior with aerosols. In addition, HALO has 38 types of sensors (temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide, gunshot, etc.) that provide an extensive set of health and safety monitoring indicators.

If students vape on school grounds, Axxon One alerts school management and triggers the recording of video evidence. It can also be applied at industrial sites to warn of elevated levels of hazardous components detected by HALO. Current sensor readings can be superimposed on video from nearby cameras, which is useful for real-time monitoring and incident investigation.

The increasing number of cases of students vaping inside educational facilities demonstrates the relevance and urgency of the joint solution. Our collaborative efforts have enabled us to contribute to making campuses safer and better overall by resolving such a pressing issue.

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