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Safe City project implemented with Axxon Next in northern Ukraine

Zhytomyr. A picturesque city in northern Ukraine, the administrative center of Zhytomyr Oblast and one of the oldest cities of the ancient Kievan Rus.

Today Zhytomyr is an important economic and transport hub in Ukraine, as well as a regional center of science and technology, which welcomes thousands of tourists each year. Its key attractions are foremost its unique natural landscapes, historical monuments and museums, the Korolyov Astronautics Museum being only one among them.

In the recent years, the city has moreover come to be a major center of business, attracting a growing number of investors each year. The city infrastructure has also shown rapid growth, making the city administration and the Zhytomyr Office for Emergency Situations and Civil Defense resolve to implement a Safe City municipal project by installing video surveillance cameras at the city’s key infrastructure facilities to monitor public order and road traffic safety and to contribute to improvement of urban amenities and crime prevention and deterrence.

The Zhitomir Safe City project had several key requirements:

  • 24/7 monitoring of key city infrastructure
  • Access to real-time site information for law enforcement and first responders
  • Tools for reacting in a timely manner to sudden changes anywhere in the city (traffic jams, etc.)
  • Prevention of emergencies and accidents, terrorist attacks, serious crimes, and disorderly conduct
  • Improved coordination between city services
  • Archiving of video and audio
  • Availability of archived video (upon request) to authorized services

Demanding requirements also applied to the security integration platform to be used for combining diverse components:

  • Scalability
  • Modular distributed architecture
  • Event-driven management
  • Video analytics
  • Convenient access to recorded video
  • Integration with other local systems
  • Integration of external maps
  • Interactive 3D map

Considering these needs, Axxon Next was deemed the winner: flexible configuration and a user-friendly interface made AxxonSoft’s product the natural choice for the software “heart” of the system.

Over 30 cameras have been installed around the city to date. Infinity 2000EX stationary cameras and Infinity ISE-2000EX PTZ cameras were selected, as well as Hikvision IP cameras, which have been installed at bus/trolley stops.

To handle low-light and nighttime issues with image quality, the cameras are used in conjunction with IR filtering and 3D DNR noise reduction.

All information from the cameras, emergency communication systems and phone lines is consolidated at the monitoring hub, which runs on City Information Center software and is managed via the Axxon Next interface. In parallel, monitoring workstations have been set up at law enforcement agencies (Ministry of the Interior and Security Service of Ukraine). Thanks to creation of this integrated system for handling events of interest, as well as powerful tools for video analytics, investigating and preventing crimes is easier than ever before. The system is also connected to the BSI-Group central monitoring station, which enables even faster response times to potential incidents.

All hardware and software installation was performed by BSI-Group, experienced in implementing large security systems. Bandwidth is provided by DKS, the city’s largest Internet provider.

This new security infrastructure fully meets all of the client’s articulated needs, providing for the first time the ability to perform real-time video surveillance of goings-on in the city.

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"The Safe City program is a promising and future-facing one. As we have already seen in cities across Ukraine, video surveillance and monitoring systems demonstrate excellent results."

Nikolai Didkivsky, Head of the Office for Emergency Situations and Civil Defense in Zhitomir

Our partner

BSI-Group has been operating on the security market in Ukraine since 2004. The company provides console-based and physical security, and also designs and installs smart security systems, alarms, video surveillance, and access control solutions.

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Alexander Adushkin, Director Técnico, SAB, Magnitogorsk (socio de AxxonSoft)

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